Remote support is the most operative, modern way of solving your problems for efficient automation of the enterprise.

To ensure the performance issues that may arise with our customers without sacrificing quality of service we actively practice the service "Remote support and maintenance customers."

The main difference between this type of service from the catering service is that it saves time and travel expenses of a specialist to you. With Internet telephony and our specialists can perform the same work as if they are directly next to you.

Benefits Remote Support:

● Get advice on real data;

● No need to allocate a specialist job;

● Quality of service is not dependent on geographically remote;

● Save time and money on maintenance;

● Privacy (data not directly transmitted via the Internet);

● Ability to solve problems at any time for customers.

To implement Remote support usually only need access to the Internet. Connecting to your computer only after your approval and may be terminated at any time with your Initiatives.

If you need to train staff working with the system you can to contact us. Available in individual and group (corporate) classes.